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Too Long, Too Short, and Just Right

When developing marketing content for clients, a common question is, “How long should this marketing piece be?” While it may seem like a simple question, it’s a good one. If your content is too long, you can lose your reader and the message can drown in a sea of words. If your content is too … Continue reading

A Perspective Break

Taking a break can be a good thing, as it can give you distance and perspective, which is important in any business. While we didn’t plan to take a break for almost two years, sometimes you can’t always control the plan. The good news is, our break is over, and it’s time to get back … Continue reading

Lightening vs Lightning…which light is right

Some quick comments on choosing the right “lightening” or “lightning” for your sentence. Continue reading

Dependent and Independent Clauses…the difference

This topic is in response to the post calling for requests. There are various types of clauses in the English language, but two of the most confusing are dependent and independent clauses. To tell the difference between the two, remember the following: If it can stand by itself as a sentence, it is an independent … Continue reading

Lose vs Loose…Getting the right meaning

When choosing between “lose” and “loose” in content, it’s critical to use the one that fits your meaning. Lose means to be without something.  If you can substitute “win” or “gain” and the sentence still makes sense, use “lose”. Example:  If I don’t have a competitive quote, I will lose this account. (“win” or “gain” … Continue reading

Temporary hiatus…

Sorry for the delay on recent updates.  I do plan to continue this blog, bringing real-life grammar and spelling tips to everyone.  Plus, I plan to expand this blog to include other commentary related to writing in all of its various forms. Please bear with me during this transition phase. Best regards, Jill Want to … Continue reading

Looking for Requests

Do you need an easy way to remember that elusive grammar rule or how to spell a certain word? Drop me a comment to let me know, and I’ll do my best to help you solve it! Jill Heiste Communications …delivering the power of words

Quick note: Spelling “visibility”

An easy way to remember there is not an “a” in “visibility” is to focus on the letter “i”. The eyes (“i“s) have full visibility. Jill Visit Heiste Communications online

Quick note: Spelling “desperate”

A good way to remember how to correctly spell “desperate” is that there is no “par”. Being desperate is not par for the course. Jill Learn more about Heiste Communications online

Too, To, Two…Clearing the confusion

It is easy to accidentally choose the wrong version of “to”, “too”, or, even in some cases, “two”.  Here is a quick and easy guide: If you can substitute “also”, use “too”. Think of it as you need something additional, so add another “o”. Example:  We need to order staples, too. (“also” could work here; … Continue reading

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