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Hashtag Hubbub – The Purpose of a Hashtag

Hashtags. Twitter has used them for quite some time, and now that Facebook has incorporated them, I have many clients asking, “What is a hashtag? Why should I care?” What is a Hashtag? A hashtag is the number symbol (#) followed by a word or series of words specific to a topic (#hashtag). They are … Continue reading

Client Industry Profile – Business Aviation

I was recently out of town for an industry tradeshow, supporting my clients with press release work and handling some social media for them on the show floor. While tradeshows can be exhausting, they can also be exhilarating. There is always buzz about new business taking place, new products being launched, and people coming together … Continue reading

Too Long, Too Short, and Just Right

When developing marketing content for clients, a common question is, “How long should this marketing piece be?” While it may seem like a simple question, it’s a good one. If your content is too long, you can lose your reader and the message can drown in a sea of words. If your content is too … Continue reading

Their, There, and They’re…Which one to choose?

Many people struggle when choosing the correct version of “their”, “there”, or “they’re” for a sentence.  Here is a quick and easy guide: If you can substitute “they are”, use “they’re”. Example:  Sales knows about the issue, and they’re working on it. (“they are” would make sense and could work) If you can substitute “here”, … Continue reading

Your and You’re…Using the correct one

“Your” versus “You’re”.  I have seen this mistake in numerous places in print and online.  Here’s a simple way to clarify which version you should use. If you can substitute “you are”, then you should use “you’re”. Example:  I wanted to verify that you’re going to the meeting at 2:00. (“you are” could work) If … Continue reading

Make a Referral Week – jump start the economy

In support of other small businesses out there and doing what we can to change the current economy, I encourage everyone to take a look at “Make a Referral Week” coming up in March. I’m pledging to make a referral to a business I want to help as part of a national campaign to make … Continue reading

Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to the blog spot for Heiste Communications, LLC. We plan for this to be a space for some refreshers on writing, including grammar, spelling, and general word choice.  Even though we have advanced in how we communicate, it doesn’t mean we have to forget the basic rules of communication when it comes to projecting … Continue reading

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